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I’d like to introduce you to Chris Capre.

He is, in our opinion, at Benzinga…

One of the best — if not THE best — options traders in the world.

Today you will get an inside look into the system that allows him to…

Like the trade he placed on SPY.

In four short days that trade surged for a 122% ROI.

Enter Primed For Profit Options Trades Before They Surge 

Or the option trade he placed on OXY.

Which brought back a 236% ROI in just over two weeks.

And the option trade on VIX.

This one resulted in a 145% ROI in just two days

Not to mention the thousands of other profitable trades Chris has placed.

You see, Chris is not some kind of “YouTube Trading Guru”.

Far from it.

He is an academic with advanced degrees and working on his Ph.D in neuroscience.

Over 22 years at the highest echelons on Wall Street…

Chris tracked more than 60,000 hours of in-the-trenches trading.

He’s so good that out of 500 brokers — and in less than six months at one of the Wall Street firms he worked at — Chris became…

I’m not trying to impress you with Chris Capre’s credentials.

Instead, I’m trying to impress upon you that he is…

The Real Deal.

So play close attention, because today you have a rare opportunity.

I have his permission to reveal the “nuts and bolts” behind his options surge system…

Responsible for consistent positive ROI trades like these…

Chris sold UNG calls and 13 days later saw a 163% ROI…

  • Former Broker on Wall Street
  • Former Hedge Fund Trader
  • Former Fund Manager
  • Verified Profitable Trader 
  • Audited track record for the last two years
  • 22 Years Professional Trading
  • 60K hours of real-world trading experience

That is an unparalleled track record which also includes:

The Top Broker Every Single Month For 1.5 Years

He placed an option trade on Apple.

Five days later, his ROI on that trade was 146.75%.

Another option trade on XLU brought back a 100% ROI in 19 days.

After two decades as a professional trader…

Chris has discovered that the key to bigger and more consistent gains is…

Knowing Which Options Trades To Enter Before The Market Moves

This is the skill eluding 99% of retail traders.

Because no one teaches what really moves the markets.

Not outside of the Wall Street trading pits anyway.

That’s where the pros cut their teeth learning from grizzled veterans — the traders responsible for billions of dollars moving through the markets daily.

Chris made it his business to find out…

The most important secrets used by pro options traders every day.

Then he perfected those strategies into a proprietary system that helped him reach top broker status at his firm.

He does not sell access to his system at any price.

However, you can get access to his option trade alerts for next to nothing.

I’ll tell you how in just a moment.

But right now, I want to go over the core fundamentals of Chris Capre’s…

Six-Step Options Surge System

The first thing you need to understand is this…

Information is key to making profitable options trades.

The data used by professional traders is not easily accessible to everyone else.

Chris pays thousands of dollars per month to access algorithmic and reflexive market data…

That tips him off to market moves before they happen.

Access to this critical data is one thing.

Making sense of it and being able to use it practically is quite another.

Chris hired a team of programmers to collate this algorithmic and reflexive market data.

Then he relied on his years of experience to create a step-by-step process…

For using this data to find options trades before they surge.

Step 1: Look at how market makers are influencing the trading environment and how dealers are hedging their bets. 

Step 2: Look at strike prices and expiry dates to time the market. 

Step 3: Look at volatility to see how it is impacting trades. 

Step 4: Look at directional price movement in a strategic way to see if the trade idea you’re formulating matches the technicals. 

Step 5: Look at the “Greeks” to see if the trade makes sense. 

Step 6: Look at the maximum risk per trade and determine if the risk is “closed” or “open” before you pull the trigger.

Not 1 in 10,000 traders knows these steps even exist.

No wonder the vast majority of traders lose.

But you can stack the odds in your favor when you…

The same alerts he sent out recently that brought in…

140% ROI in two days trading options on VERU…

47.37% ROI in 13 days on XLE…

And 103.33% ROI in 7 days on UUP…

Here’s the deal…

For a limited time, you can get access to option trade alerts directly from Chris Capre.

Chris will use his 6-Step Option Surge System to…

Find and vet the trades for you!

Then you will get an alert via text and email letting you know what to buy and when to get in.

In addition, Chris sends out exit alerts when his system says it’s time to get out.

Just follow the instructions, and you’re all set.

Best part: You get access to Chris’ alerts for just 
$0.99 your first month.

If I have to spend time “selling” you on what a great deal this is…

Then, quite frankly, this might not be right for you.

On the other hand, if you see the value here…

The opportunity to get vetted options trades from a real pro trader…

Then jump on board and test out Chris’ Options Surge alerts.

It’ll be the best two bucks you ever invested.

And the return could be out of this world.

The only “catch” is that we will not make this offer available forever.

So hurry and get in now… 

*Trade details in footer section

122% In 4 Days

*Trade details in footer section

*Trade details in footer section

236% In 2 Weeks

145% In 2 Days

163% In 13 Days

*Trade details in footer section

*Trade details in footer section

*Trade details in footer section

146% In 5 Days

100% In 19 Days

*Trade details in footer section

140% In 2 Days

*Trade details in footer section

47% In 13 Days

*Trade details in footer section

103% In 7 Days

Actual results will vary widely given a variety of factors such as experience, risk mitigation practices, market dynamic and the amount of capital deployed.  Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Information contained in this email and websites maintained by Benzinga (“Benzinga”) are provided for educational purposes only and are neither an offer nor a recommendation to buy or sell any security, options on equities, or cryptocurrency. Benzinga and its affiliates may hold a position in any of the companies mentioned. Benzinga is neither a registered investment adviser nor a broker-dealer and does not provide customized or personalized recommendations. Any one-on-one coaching or similar products or services offered by or through Benzinga does not provide or constitute personal advice, does not take into consideration and is not based on the unique or specific needs, objectives or financial circumstances of any person, and is intended for educational purposes only. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. No trading strategy is risk free. Trading and investing involve substantial risk, and you may lose the entire amount of your principal investment or more. You should trade or invest only “risk capital” - money you can afford to lose. Trading and investing is not appropriate for everyone. We urge you to conduct your own research and due diligence and obtain professional advice from your personal financial adviser or investment broker before making any investment decision.

*Trades Details

LONG SPY PUT RATIO SPREAD at 375/369 STR on JUL 1 EXP for 90c credit executed on Jun 23 (*CLOSED on JUN 27 for $1.10 credit) for +122% ROI

LONG OXY PUTS at 66 STR on JUL 15 EXP for $3.7 debit executed on JUN 9 (*CLOSED on JUN 21 for $8.75 credit) for +236% ROI

LONG VIX BULL CALL SPREAD at 30/35 STR on JUN 22 EXP for $1.00 debit executed on JUN 15 (*CLOSED on JUN 17 for $1.45 credit) for +145% ROI

LONG UNG PUTS at 25 STR on JUL 15 EXP for $2.36 debit executed on JUN 14 (*CLOSED on JUN 27 for $3.85 credit) for +163% ROI

Apple | Entry Price $3.85 | Expiration Nov. 25, '22 | Strike BTO $144 CALL | LONG CALL | Close Date Nov. 15, '22 | P&L +146.75% | Opened On Nov. 10, '22 | Closed On Nov. 15, '22

XLU | Entry Price $0.21 Credit | Expiration Oct. 21, '22 | STO $72.5 CALL | SOLD CALL | Close Date Oct. 22, '22 | P&L +100% | Opened On Oct. 03, '22 | Closed On Oct. 22, '22

VERU | Entry Price $1.25 | Expiration Nov. 18, '22 / Nov. 18, '22 | BTO $14 PUT / STO $11 PUT  | LONG BEAR PUT SPREAD | Close Date Nov. 10, '22 | P&L +140% | Opened On Nov. 08, '22 | Closed On Nov. 10, '22

XLE | Entry Price $1.90 | Expiration Jan. 20, '23 / Jan. 20, '23 | BTO $71 CALL / STO $75 CALL  | LONG BULL CALL SPREAD | Close Date Oct. 11, '22 | P&L +47.37% | Opened On Sep. 28, '22 | Closed On Oct. 11, '22

UUP | Entry Price $0.30 | Expiration Oct. 21, '22 / Oct. 21, '22 | BTO $30.5 PUT / STO $29.5 PUT  | LONG BEAR PUT SPREAD | Close Date Oct. 04, '22 | P&L +103.33% | Opened On Sep. 27, '22 | Closed On Oct. 4, '22

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