Bezos-Backed Startup Lets You Become A Landlord With $100

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Collect passive income from real estate without taking on the headaches of being a landlord. You can buy shares of rental properties with as little as $100 thanks to this investment platform backed by Jeff Bezos.

With over $114 million in funded properties and Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos’s trust behind it, it’s worth taking a closer look at the disruption caused by Arrived Homes, a company that lets users buy shares of America’s top properties for as little as $100.

Its business model, which has attracted over 250,000 investors so far, is straightforward: Arrived purchases single-family rentals in up-and-coming neighborhoods and grants its users the opportunity to buy shares of any individual property that gains their trust. Investors then earn passive income through rent while their shares appreciate in value.

Real estate returns have historically outpaced those of stocks, with half the volatility. For reference, real estate prices in the U.S. have historically increased between 5% and 12% annually with the added benefit of consistent rental income. However, Arrived has a strict mechanism in place that’s likely to tip the scales in investors’ favor and secure annual rates on the higher end.

The company leverages data science, and its team has decades of experience scouring hundreds of markets across the country in search of single-family homes with the highest appreciation potential. To seal the deal, local real estate agents from the area are consulted to share hands-on insights often omitted by data analytics.

Then, Arrived’s investment committee gives the green light to the most promising properties, which are then put up online.

Once the property is listed, nonaccredited investors can purchase shares with a single click and secure a completely passive income stream, without the headaches usually associated with owning a rental. Arrived manages each property, handles maintenance requests and finds new tenants — cherrypicked with the same rigor that goes into the property’s purchase to secure the most consistent yield for users.

Check out the latest properties added to the platform

You can invest in these cash-flowing rental properties today and start getting rental income deposited right into your account.

The Meridian

Single-family rental in Huntsville, AL, generating $1,850 per month in rent.

Platform: Arrived

Min. Investment: $100

The Riverwood

Single-family rental near Atlanta, GA, generating $2,040 per month in rent.

Platform: Arrived

Min. Investment: $100

The Tytus

Single-family rental near Cincinnati, OH, generating $2,045 per month in rent.

Platform: Arrived

Min. Investment: $100

Two types of rentals are offered to satisfy the unique goals of investors: the aforementioned regular rentals, which offer consistent passive income, and vacation rentals listed on Airbnb and similar websites, which offer higher-income opportunities. Investors can also minimize market volatility by investing in different properties from 27 different real estate markets across the country.

If you take all of this into consideration, Bezos’s considerable investment in the company comes as no surprise. The founder of Amazon financed the startup, both in the seed round and the Series A round. However, he won’t be the only big name at future shareholders’ meetings. Arrived’s About Us page proudly displays the names of two other heads of companies: Uber Technologies Inc. CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and Salesforce Inc. Co-CEO Marc Benioff, who also invested hefty sums into the company.

So far, over 250,000 investors have chosen to use Arrived’s simple buying process to expand their portfolios with America’s most promising single-family rentals. After a signup process that’s fairly standard for online investment platforms, users can buy shares with a single click.

If you’re looking to capitalize on America’s soaring real estate prices without breaking the bank, Benzinga highly suggests checking it out.

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